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June 16, 2024 | Welcome to Peak Financial Guidance.

Denver, Colorado

And the Western Slope

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Peak Financial Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We understand that you have questions and are looking for a trusted partner to bring clarity to your financial affairs. We can bring ideas and solutions so that you can feel confident about your plans and allow you to focus on living the life that is most meaningful.
Peak Financial Bonds


Bonds can be a good investment as part of a diversified investment strategy.  Bonds can help smooth out the risk within a portfolio and allow investors some peace of mind during large stock market downturns.
Peak Financial Guidance Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Along with accumulating wealth, a well designed plan needs to address the risks that can derail your hard work if left exposed.  Having a strong risk management plan includes things like homeowners and auto insurance, life insurance, disability income insurance, liability insurance and long term care insurance. We can help review your risk management plan to find out if your risks are covered appropriately.
Peak Financial Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds offer a way to invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks or bonds. That you are not taking too much risk by investing in a small number of holdings.  Mutual funds can give you access to professional money management through actively managed mutual funds, or can be set up as passive/index funds that simply attempt to mirror a given index.


We are experts in helping people accumulate money for retirement.  We are also also highly experienced in distribution planning for people who are entering retirement. There is no do-over at this phase of life.  Having your assets positioned, invested and protected well can be crucial for living comfortably during your retirement years.  Just as a hiker needs to follow the cairns on a mountain trail to stay on the right path, we can help develop clear path for you to follow during this phase of life so that your retirement can be all that you imagined it to be.
Peak Financial Stocks


Stock investing can help your portfolio by investing in companies that offer growth potential and/or income from dividend participation.  By purchasing a selection of individual stocks within a portfolio, you can remove a layer of expenses from the account that may exist in a mutual fund or ETF.  Stocks also allow you to be more selective on the companies that you own versus buying and index or relying on a fund to purchase stocks. We can help you construct a well designed portfolio that includes individual stocks, and invest in a way that fits your values if you want to avoid certain companies or industries.
Peak Financial Trades

Exchange Traded Products

Exchange-traded products are similar to mutual funds in that they are constructed of many underlying holdings. Exchange traded products are traded in a similar was as individual stocks and so the underlying value of the product may vary from the underlying holdings based on market conditions.   Exchange Traded Products can be a low cost way of building a portfolio to replicate an index, or a selection of various indexes.
Peak Financial Guidance Business Planning

Business Planning

Business owners have many opportunities for advanced planning that may not be available to other people.  We can help identify planning advantages, and spot planning risks that may exist, and work with you to develop a strategy to address both.
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Make sure that your plan, documents and beneficiaries are set up so that your assets transfer to future generations without unnecessary complications.

Your Virtual Advisor

If you are looking for a Virtual planning partner we’ve got you covered.  Technology allows us to work with you remotely, whether you live across town or in an different part of the country entirely.   Consider partnering with Peak Financial Guidance to be your virtual planning relationship.