Business owners can face a set of challenges that are more complicated than most.   We understand that your business and your financial planning are unique. And we also know that that they are directly related.

Along with extra challenges, being self-employed can mean that you have access to planning opportunities that can be very valuable.  At Peak Financial Guidance, we have  a depth of experience in working with business owners to integrate their business into their financial planning.  Examples of business related services we can help with include:

  • Establishing a qualified retirement plan such as 401k, SEP IRA, or SIMPLE IRA
  • Setting up group benefits for employees and owners including group disability and group life insurance
  • Funding buy/sell plans for business who have multiple owners
  • Using insurance for collateralization purposes to obtain a loan or financing
  • Establishing a deferred compensation plan for high income earners including a Cash Balance or Pension plan
  • Developing an investment strategy upon the sale of a business or liquidity event
  • Disability income insurance planning for business owners who need to protect their income against the risk of sickness or injury
  • Life insurance planning to help offset estate taxes for business that are being passed down to children or grandchildren
Peak Financial Guidance Business Planning