Mutual funds are the most popular investment choice in the U.S. today. Mutual funds are composed of a large number of investors “mutually funding” an investment portfolio.

That portfolio can be designed to invest in a wide variety of sectors including large cap, mid cap, international stocks, socially responsible investing, currencies, fixed income, real estate, commodities cash equivalents and more.  Mutual funds can be advantageous for investors due to offering sophisticated portfolio management through the use of a portfolio manager or management team, reinvestment of dividends, dollar cost averaging, competitive pricing and large number of holdings to reduce the risk of having too much money in one position.

At Peak Financial Guidance, we screen the funds that we use to make sure that the fees they charge are competitive and that the funds have a good track of performance when compared to their peer group.   It’s also important to know what the tax consequences of holdings mutual funds are when investing in a non-retirement account.  We believe that mutual funds can offer a good way to invest in various market sectors as a part of a well-diversified portfolio.

Peak Financial Mutual Funds

Investing in Mutual Funds

Because they are professionally managed and offer diversification with generally a small initial investment, mutual funds can be suitable for many investors.

Your Financial Advisor has the tools to help you choose the right fund or basket of funds to meet your unique goals. Work closely with your Financial Advisor to develop a mutual fund portfolio that’s suitable for your specific situation.

You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a mutual fund company before investing in one or more of its mutual funds.