In Colorado, we are blessed to have access to some of the world’s most breathtaking mountains.  Hiking to the peak of those mountains can be a challenging feat, however, it is on the return down from the summit that tragedy often occurs.

In the same way, we have a depth of experience in helping clients navigate the challenges that can occur on the ascent toward retirement, and also in the distribution years when retirees are spending money to meet their lifestyle goals.   Our monte-carlo analysis can stress test your assets and income sources and provide clarity on the statistical likelihood of your retirement working out as planned.  If you have investments in the stock market, we can help design a plan so that your retirement is not devastated by experiencing a down market.

It is also important to be aware of your tolerance for risk as your age, and to make changes to your investments.  That can allow you to sleep at night through both the ups and downs of the market.  You may also need to take into consideration social security income strategies, income from pension plans, brokerage investments, the sale of a business, annuity income, Roth IRA income, Roth conversions, and cash value life insurance as assets that play a role in your planning.

We can help review your specific retirement situation and develop a game plan that can help allow you to achieve your retirement dreams.

Peak Financial Retirement

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Your Personalized Investment Manager

We will work with you so that your portfolio adjusts as your life changes. Our approach is based on extensive research and tailored to provide you with a quality experience. A comprehensive financial plan will also help you understand your future tax and cash flow forecasts, estimating the money you will receive and all the money you will spend in your lifetime.

Benefits of a Tax-Efficient Distribution Strategy